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Pre-planning your funeral: A forward-thinking approach to end-of-life arrangements

A perspective change on pre-planning offers peace of mind

The mention of funeral preparations often elicits hushed tones and sidelong glances. It's a subject many prefer to push into the distant future.

Yet, nestled in Burlington's heart, Smith’s Funeral Homes offer a refreshing perspective, advocating the numerous benefits of thinking ahead.

"Think of pre-planning less as a somber undertaking and more as an act of foresight,” says Jennifer Rayworth, Operations Coordinator at Smith’s Funeral Home. “Not only do you unlock financial savings, such as potential tax advantages, but you also grant peace of mind to yourself and loved ones.”

She dives further into the intricacies. "You essentially have the option to guarantee all your services in advance. But it's not a binding commitment to pay immediately. You can record your wishes, ensuring they're safely documented with us. When the time eventually comes, the framework is already in place.”

Broaching the topic of younger demographics, Rayworth sheds light on an often-overlooked perspective.

"For those in their 30s and 40s, initiating these discussions is a proactive move. It's an opportunity to communicate your wishes, removing the element of surprise or uncertainty for loved ones down the line.”

The modern approach to funeral planning isn't just about settling financial details. It's also about facilitating conversations, acknowledging individual wishes, and even addressing the inflationary concerns tied to funeral costs. "When you pre-pay for services and merchandise at a funeral home, you guarantee everything outlined in the contract.

Unlike a simple insurance policy, this means you could even get money back if interest rates soar beyond the inflationary costs. And should there be a deficit? The funeral home absorbs the loss," Rayworth explains.

Furthermore, Rayworth highlights flexibility, emphasizing that payment plans can be tailored to individual needs and durations, from one year to a maximum of ten years. She also notes the portability of arrangements, which can be transferred to other funeral homes if relocation occurs.

"Pairing funeral pre-planning with estate planning offers a comprehensive approach. It’s not about fixating on the end, but about orchestrating a well-considered plan that resonates with individual desires and grants peace of mind to all involved,” says Rayworth.

In a society where conversations about end-of-life decisions are often avoided, Rayworth's perspective offers a breath of fresh air. As she succinctly puts it, "Such conversations, when had, can lift a weight off one's shoulders. The experience can be far from the anticipated gloom. Instead, it's about education, understanding the options, and making informed choices.

While the subject matter is intrinsically sensitive, Smith’s Funeral Homes in Burlington aim to shift the narrative. By framing it as an exercise in preparedness rather than morbidity, they’re creating space for meaningful dialogue around end-of-life choices.

"The first step is often the hardest," Rayworth admits. "Yet, once taken, many find it's not as daunting as they imagined. Our goal is to educate and support, ensuring that when the moment comes, the emphasis remains on remembering and celebrating life, with all the administrative details already in place."

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