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Julie Cole branches out with live-feeds to help women, moms navigate life

Her live feeds will be on Instagram, Linked-in
Julie Cole will provide live-feed episodes on Instagram and Linked-in.

Julie Cole has been helping others for many years.

Starting with her co-founded business Mabel’s Labels, which helps parents keep track of their children’s belongings with personalize labels, books she authored, regular television appearances and keynote addresses, offering parenting advice, sharing has always been a part of Cole’s purpose in life.

Now, she’s started a regular Instagram-live space every second Monday at noon, bringing in experts in the parenting space. Most recently, she welcomed  @lovezoepotter a social media influencer, content creator and mom of two.

The world-renowned entrepreneur and mom of six, along with special guests, plans to tackle many topics: pediatric nutrition, c-section awareness, raising vegan children, home schoolers, sleep training consultants and breastfeeding among them.

“I’d like to help everybody take a deep breath, and say ‘I can do this,’” she explained. “This allows me to stay connected to customers and the community and provide good content for them, “ said Cole, whose youngest child is 15, while several are in university. “It’s a big mish-mosh!”

With a huge army of supporters, Cole, who also blogs, didn’t have any difficulty finding leaders and entrepreneurs who wanted to participate. “I’ve got some real dynamos lined up: women CEOs, women authors and I’m going to try and use that interview time for takeaways and content for the listeners.”

She’s also using LinkedIn-live where she’ll focus on professional advice approximately once a month. Her first was earlier this month when she spoke to Jenn Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty. You can view here.

“I wanted to use this space to gather really incredible female entrepreneurs to share their stories and share what they’ve learned, their journeys and provide take-aways for others,” she said.

Those who are familiar with Cole know she’s easy-to-talk to, and carries on comfortable conversations with everyone she meets. Live feeds make it accessible to everyone, and allow people to benefit from other voices. If you’ve got a smart phone, you can tune in, or you can watch later. 

Cole is passionate about women’s issues, mentoring young entrepreneurs, poverty alleviation and social justice.

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