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LETTER: 'Inappropriate' photo left reader shaking head

'Feeding bread to a swan is deadly, yet a walk along Lasalle's waterfront trail, there's always bread strewn about,' writes reader Deb Kucheran.

BurlingtonToday received this letter about a photo which showed a person feeding wildlife.

I am just shaking my head over today's front page picture of a resident feeding the wildlife. Are you seriously going to post that photo that shows someone with a bag full of food for wildlife?

Especially when the good people of Burlington (versus the ones feeding the coyotes and other wildlife) have been screaming for years to try and stop the feeding of the wildlife around Lasalle and all of the RBG properties.

In a recent article about the problem with coyotes in the area, you mentioned bylaws and that feeding wildlife is against the bylaw whether it's on public or private property. Well, the bylaw is a joke because I've never seen a bylaw officer actually ticketing someone for feeding wildlife, especially in Hendrie Valley where in spite of numerous signs saying Do Not Feed the Wildlife, thousands are still feeding and killing the wildlife.

Feeding bread to a swan is deadly, yet a walk along Lasalle's waterfront trail, there's always bread strewn about. A baby swan at RBG died because of being fed human food.

I'm going to share this photo to Burlington Together Facebook page and ask everyone to write to you if you do not remove that photo immediately.

Learn this - you cannot suck and blow at the same time. You warn people to not feed the coyotes and start pulling out the bylaws rules, and then you turn around and post a photo of a woman feeding wildlife. Good going BurlingtonToday. Not.

RBG is sick of people feeding the wildlife as it's completely destroying the sanctuary of this area. RBG has tried to do something about it, but after using the volunteers to try and get the message across while patrolling the Hendrie Valley trail, they all backed off after being yelled at for no reason. Like people were yelling that it was there right to feed wildlife. How do I know this? I was one of the many volunteers who spent hours patrolling and finally gave up as not a happy volunteer stint.

So if you don't remove the photo immediately, you can bet I'm going to complain again.

Wow, still shaking my head over such an inappropriate photo.

Deb Kucheran

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