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Sunshine List: Halton's top 15 public sector salaries

List gives public insight on government expenditures, revealing salaries, benefits, severance information of publicly employed individuals earning $100,000+
Halton Region

The 2023 Ontario Sunshine List is out, and many familiar names in Halton have once again made headlines for their earnings.

The release of the annual sunshine list gives the public insight into government expenditures, revealing salaries, benefits, and severance information of publicly employed individuals earning $100,000 or more. The list is formally released under 1996's Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, and formally known as the annual public sector salary disclosure.

This year, many public sector workers in Halton have been listed with salaries exceeding several hundred thousand dollars per year, with Halton Healthcare holding the most. 

The top 15 names and yearly salaries in Halton's public sector for 2024 are: 

  1. Stephen Tanner, Chief of Halton Police: $432,213.38.
  2. Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Halton Healthcare: $401,252.47.
  3. Denise Hardenne, Former President and CEO of Halton Healthcare: $369,303.94.
  4. Jane Maccaskill, Chief Administrative Officer at Halton Region: $351,951.45.
  5. Hilary Rodrigues, Senior VP Corporate Services, Performance & CFO at Halton Healthcare: $340,458.55.
  6. Dr. David Mcconachie, Chief of Staff at Halton Healthcare: $328,136.85.
  7. Neil Rau, Infectious Diseases Consultant / Medical Microbiologist / Infection Prevention and Control Specialist at Halton Healthcare: $326,753.03.
  8. Cindy Mcdonell, Senior VP of Clinical Operations at Halton Healthcare: $321,671.16.
  9. Melissa Farrell, President and CEO at Halton Healthcare: $320,212.10.
  10. Andrew Siltala, Chief Administrative Officer at the Town of Milton: $314,778.84
  11. Tim Commisso, City Manager at the City of Burlington: $314,513.14.
  12. Jeffery Hill, Deputy Chief of Regional Operations for Halton Police: $312,682.27.
  13. Jane Clohecy, Chief Administrative Officer Town of Oakville $307,322.49.
  14. Curtis Ennis, Director of Education at Halton District School Board: $305,706.93.
  15. Roger James Wilkie, Deputy Chief of District Operations for Halton Police: $304,187.81

The full Sunshine List for 2023 salaries is available to read online here.

*Editor's note: This is a corrected version of the list originally published.

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