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Free exotic car show for a great community cause

Get up close to some spectacular cars while supporting the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

On Saturday, September 23 from 10:00 am until 2:30 pm, the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation will host HorsePower 4 Hospital, showcasing over 50 exotic vehicles at the Art Gallery of Burlington, which is located at 1333 Lakeshore Road.This free event welcomes individuals and families to get a close-up look at some spectacular vehicles at this one-of-a-kind car show.

“I am excited to have the entire Burlington community and beyond to come out and support the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. This is also our way to provide the opportunity to get up close and personal with very rare, exotic, and limited editions cars and talk to their owners,” says Angelo Paletta, President and CEO of the presenting sponsor, TNG Exotics and Limited Editions.

Incredible Cars and a Very Special Guest

This unique car show brings over 50 exotic and rare vehicles to the community, including a 2017 Ford GT, in the 1969 Lemans car # 7, David Hobbs tribute livery as well as a 2020 Ford GT, in the Holmon Moody race livery, car # 5 of 1966, and a 2005 Spyker C8 Hard top convertible, previously owned by Jennifer Lopez.

“We are excited to host amazing cars and amazing owners as well as up-and-coming race car driver, Mac Clark. He is a Milton resident on his “Road to Indy” journey that I, TNG Exotics and Limited Editions, and Bill Clubine of Clubine Motorsports, are supporting financially and in all other ways possible,” explains Angelo.

Supporting the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation relies on events like this one to help support the local hospital. The Foundation funds a number of important healthcare initiatives that are not funded by the province, including the purchase of new state-of-the-art medical equipment, updating the labour and delivery unit, and enhancing mental health programs.

Anissa Hilborn, President and CEO of the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation explains, “Community events like these are crucial to supporting the urgent priorities of Joseph Brant Hospital. They provide unique opportunities to engage the public in fun and original ways, while raising awareness for the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation and raising much needed funds to support local healthcare.”

As for the connection between cars and quality healthcare, Angelo sees how his passion for cars can bring people in the community together. “Cars are an international language that are known by most and are easily recognisable. And in most cases, they bring enjoyment and a smile to everyone,” he says. “It’s an excellent opportunity for myself and like-minded car owners and auto enthusiasts to give back to the local community hospital. We all know that our hospital is always in need of funding. We, as a group of auto owners, along with the community need to ensure that the hospital has the funds to be ready and able to look after us when we need them most.”

Anissa adds, “Joseph Brant Hospital performs a crucial role in the health of the larger Burlington community. In turn, the community plays an important role in supporting our hospital through donation and active involvement. Embracing this relationship, the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is committed to engaging our community for continued investment so that we may continue to offer the best healthcare to everyone in our care.”

Event Not Possible Without Generous Sponsors

HorsePower 4 Hospital is the brainchild of Angelo and would not be possible without his dedication along with Vince Molinaro of the Molinaro Group.

“This event is free to attend, and family friendly. It provides a very unique opportunity to see a collection of one-of-a-kind and exotic vehicles up close and personal, all in support of a great cause. We’re so grateful to Angelo Paletta and TNG Exotics and Limited Editions, Vince Molinaro and the Molinaro Group and all of the sponsors and partners who make this event possible and hope everyone can come down and be a part of this wonderful event,” says Anissa.

You can join the free fun of HorsePower 4 Hospital on Saturday, September 23 between 10 am and 2:30 pm at the Art Gallery of Burlington, which is located at 1333 Lakeshore Road.

Check out the incredible vehicles, talk to the owners, and support the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. For more information, visit HorsePower 4 Hospital online.

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