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Dispelling fears about variable mortgage rates

The Blue Jean Mortgage Queen, Allison Cosgrove, shares her thoughts on variable rate mortgages

When it comes to the complicated world of home ownership, equity and mortgages, it’s good to have a friend in the business. That friend is the Blue Jean Mortgage Queen.

Allison Cosgrove, the Blue Jean Mortgage Queen and Mortgage Architects® broker, knows the importance of feeling comfortable, educated and empowered when it comes to home ownership.

For years she has helped clients find the mortgage solutions that fit their situations and puts them at ease. Being friendly, approachable and down to earth are some of the reasons why clients love working with Allison.

Today, Allison wants to help dispel some fears about variable mortgage rates.

“I know that choosing between fixed and variable rates can make you feel anxious at the best of times,” Allison says, “but especially when the Bank of Canada introduces new rates. With that, and inflation, is a variable mortgage still a good idea?”

She smiles warmly, “The answer is yes! It really can be! The key is to realize the long-term potential. Variable mortgage rates allow you to take advantage of falling interest rates over a period of time. These rates also tend to provide a lower overall cost. So, when interest rates bottom out, you can save money on your mortgage and potentially benefit from increased home equity at the same time. It’s also important to remember that despite the recent BOC rate hikes, variable mortgage rates are still outperforming fixed rates.”

Allison notes another great reason about why to consider a variable rate.

“When you are a homeowner, you have a lot of expenses – especially if you have a family too. With the flexibility of a variable rate, you’ll have more control over your finances and budget. This can help you save more for things like your children’s education or your own retirement.

She concludes, “I love to help people by taking the stress out of the mortgage equation. A variable rate is one solution but it may or may not be the right one for you. Your solution depends on many factors. I don’t offer one-size-fits all thinking. I offer solutions that fit your needs because I take the time to get to know you, your family and your long-range goals. I invite you to get in touch today. Visit my website and learn tips about mortgages and home ownership by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram."

Find Allison online here.

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