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Small businesses more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks

Small businesses should consider cyber-security training for employees

Small businesses may assume their size excludes them from being the target of a cybersecurity attack, but according to a recent report, this makes them more vulnerable to exploitation.

A report by cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks revealed that small businesses — which consist of less than 100 employees — are attacked by hackers three times more often than larger ones.

Hackers often prey on the knowledge that small businesses don't have the cash to invest in a robust IT security system or adequately train their employees on what to watch for.

According to Joseph Apps, head, and president of JoeApps, a company specializing in cybersecurity for small businesses, an antivirus program is simply not enough to prevent an attack. Hackers are keen to exploit customer and employee records, email addresses, tax ID numbers and bank account and credit card details. Additionally, small businesses often provide services to larger companies, so if a hacker can breach a small business's network, their larger client's private details can also be exploited.

In 2022, 71% of surveyed organizations experienced a ransomware attack, and the percentage of victims that pay the attackers has been increasing.

An average of 63% of companies pay the hacker, hoping to get a key to decrypt the ransomware; however, according to Apps, this only feeds the beast and prompts more criminals to join in.

Scams can come in the form of emails, too. Over 80 percent of data breaches are caused by phishing exploits, often in an email asking the user to click a link or open an attachment that will take them to a malicious site that initiates the attack. Teaching employees how to spot phishing and best password practices can make the difference between being a victim or catching the scam before it's too late.

Security awareness training is as important as having a strong firewall or antivirus, and JoeApps provides affordable IT security services for small companies that protect you from cyber threats.

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