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Sober Me for a Sober You

Sober Me

After losing a loved one to a drug overdose in 2019, I
reflected on the promise that I had made myself years
prior. “If something happened to either one of my two
loved ones who were in the thick of their addiction, I
would try to help others who are also struggling.”

At that time, I wasn’t aware that a “recovery” or
“sober” coach even existed. As soon as learned about
this supportive service, I knew it was what I had to
do. This was my calling. Sober Me sobriety coaching
service was the result.

What I didn’t realize is that I had already been
providing this support for many, many years. I
worked one-on-one, trying to help two of my loved
ones accomplish sobriety. One of them has now been
sober for seven years and unfortunately, one of them
succumbed to the disease. Addiction can be hard
to kick and people don’t realize that anyone, of any
background, education and upbringing can become an
addict. Once you are addicted, it’s hard to recover but
not impossible.

While helping others, I was able to help myself reach
my own sobriety. I was drinking a great deal at the time
and I needed it to end. It was too much. I was growing
up and my life needed a change. I am now six-and-a-
half years sober from alcohol. It has come with some
challenges, life changes and a totally new way of life.

Part of that new life is providing a judgement-
free support service to individuals struggling with

“We utilize the resources we have to lead them on a
path of sobriety and work as a team from there. There
are so many resources to help someone kick addiction
and stay sober. People often need that guidance from
someone else,” explains Caroline Barrett of Sober Me.

She says it’s important for them to know that there is
someone there to support them.

“Addiction can destroy a person, and an entire
family,” Caroline says.

She stresses that addiction causes much stress for
family members.

“It hurts. You do the best you can but it’s only the
individual that can sober up for themselves and
sometimes that takes the help of someone like me,
someone that has been there, as an addict, as a family
member to my loved one and as someone who lost a
loved one.”

If you or anyone you know is struggling with
addiction and would more information about recovery
coach services, please contact me at 647-895-7079 or
email. [email protected].

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