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Best Cat a paradise for felines and their devoted owners

One-of-a-kind shop offers everything for beloved furbabies, from catios and scratchers to high-quality food and catnip alternatives

A pair of self-proclaimed crazy cat siblings took their love of felines to the next level when they opened their Burlington boutique store Best Cat late last year.

And as much as cat fanciers are sure to love this unique shop, more than anything Best Cat is sure to enrich the lives of indoor cats. That’s the goal of co-owners and sister-brother duo Kyle, 31, and Meagan Daigle, 27, who are both proud rescue cat owners.

“We’re crazy cat people who went so far as to open a store,” joked Kyle.

Best Cat is located at 3455 Fairview St. (between Appleby and Walker’s Line in the same plaza as Cora Breakfast and Lunch, and Service Ontario), and online at

Carrying an impressive selection of apparel, bowls, interactive feeders, carriers, treats, furniture, scratch-posts, grooming, litter boxes and accessories, litter, storage, toys and more, Best Cat is the only store of its kind in Ontario. The Daigles pride themselves on stocking a good selection of high-quality food.

Soon, they’ll offer a host of water fountains and travel backpacks and carriers, as well as cat wheels (giant-sized hamster wheels for feline exercise). In addition, they usually have at least one or two cats/kittens in the store who are available for adoption thanks to local cat rescue organizations. They’ve adopted out six cats in three months, with many more expected this year.

Meagan used to spend hours driving to Toronto – or anywhere, for that matter – in search of products to keep her beloved rescue cats happy. For example, family cat Zacker showed zero reaction to catnip, so she started researching. She found silver vine (now available at Best Cat), an alternative to catnip, and an instant hit with her finicky feline.

One night, while cruising the internet for cool, unique cat products until 3 a.m. and talking about all-things-cat, the siblings considered the idea of opening their own storefront. Years later, with a pandemic thrown in the middle, they have done just that. Now, people visit from near and far to browse the great selection of staples and supplies just for cats, and all under one roof.

This spring, a selection of catios (outdoor cat enclosures) will also be available, and one large one will also be set up in the store. Families can visit with the rescue cats inside the catio to determine who might be the best fit for their lifestyle.

The Daigles are thrilled they can now share their love of cats, and everything they’ve experienced with their own rescued cats.

“Our own adopted cats have inspired us to research ways to enrich their lives and keep them as healthy as possible," said Kyle. "We want to share this by providing not only the best cat products but expert advice. We get to share our personal experiences and all we’ve gone through with our rescued furbabies.”

Meagan said the store’s name came to them easily.

“People always say their cat is the best, or that they want the best for their cat, so it made sense,” she added.

Surprisingly, Meagan and Kyle didn’t grow up with cats in their home. In fact, their mom was afraid of them, and despite begging for a cat, the pair was always told no. They did manage to talk their parents into guinea pigs, but cat ownership took a while longer.

Kyle started working at Pet Valu, where he discovered how much fun cats can be, and of course, what interesting characters they are. Later, Meagan started working at the retail pet store as well, where she worked in both franchises and corporate positions. With more than a decade of combined experience there, they were exposed to many rescued cats and kittens and it wasn’t long before they were cat owners and cat lovers.

After researching, they found most pet stores have a much larger selection of products catering to dogs, with cat products seemingly an afterthought. Best Cat is the opposite. Not only can you expect to find new fun toys and accessories for your furry friends, the combined knowledge of the Daigles is endless. Is your cat bored? Is she overgrooming? Is he hissy or bullying other household cats? These cat questions are answered at Best Cat.

Cats (and their humans) are welcome to drop by, and Meagan said they’ve had several people bring in their cats on harnesses so they get the chance to climb along the variety of wall climbers, scratchers and perches.

“It’s great because we get to meet our customers' cats, who they talk about,” she said.

Kyle said they’ve found the business is split equally between online and retail sales, but he enjoys the retail experience. “I love the in-person experience and being able to recommend products,” he said, noting they attempt to sell locally sourced products, Canadian-made, or at least North-American-made, so that small businesses get exposure and success.

Best Cat is open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and online, anytime.

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